Push Your Boundaries with the Right Sportswear

Push Your Boundaries with the Right Sportswear

Push the boundaries with the right Active/Sports Wear

Ever felt that you are not making enough headway in your fitness programs despite the herculean amount of effort that you have invested? The elusive culprit may just turn out to be your choice in sports apparel.

One might not give a second thought on what they wear when they plan to engage in sports or vigorous activities.

In fact, why don’t we all just make do with some of our old clothes as sports outfit and save us the cost and hassle? Now this is where we couldn’t have been more wrong! If it were the case, all professional athletes would be donning loose fitting “comfortable” clothes while they train for their competitions, never mind during the actual competition itself.

The importance of wearing the right apparel for the right activity will help wearers reap more benefits from their workouts; from improved performance to reduced instances of injuries.

Below are what differentiates a purpose designed sportswear from just any other clothes that you can put on:-


Technology like “4 Way Stretch Fabrics” allows one to stretch without restrictions and even permits for higher range of unrestricted movement once you have loosened up with some stretching while keeping its original elasticity and shape even after repetitive uses.

In a nutshell, this allows your outfit to have a snug fit and conform to your individual body shape even as you twist, bend or exert; leaving you worry free to perform your best without snagging or worrying about damaging your outfit.


Recently available “Sweat Wicking” technology improves comfort and reduces odor as it draws away the sweat from pooling in areas that are meant to be dry quicker than conventional sportswear.

Fabrics with Moisture Quick Dry ability keep us going by helping us maintain our core temperature evenly with improved breathability and comfort, even after long hours of sustained activities.

Functionality & Support

The Muscle Compression ability of certain fabric allows for an adequate and even pressure on the muscles to aid in increasing blood flow and preventing the buildup of lactic acid in your muscles. Lactic acid will cause muscle soreness if they are accumulated in the muscle after a workout and this will result in a drop in performance for up to three days. Athletes will often opt for deep tissue massages after an intense workout to reduce the after effects of lactic acid buildup.

Compression sportswear also prevents serious life threatening health risks such as deep vein thrombosis that can be fatal if left untreated.

With that out of the way; it also allows you to better bounce back feeling ready and great for your next workout/sporting session while your poor peers are still dragging their feet from the aches and pains from the day before!

Stylish Practicality

The inclusion of Straddle Seams within the garment add durability and support to the right places while not applying any restrictions on modern design requirements that pushes the boundaries of form and functionality.

You can confidentially be assured that your sportswear will remain both stylish and functional for a long time to come.


While high quality sportswear are not cheap, with proper planning and smart investment, your sportswear will be able to save you more money and hassle in the long run as you would not have to purchase them frequently as they are made to last.

Do a brief research in regards to what you will need for the sport/activity that you have selected. Next, do comparisons between brands and apparel types. If you do require personal assistance, plenty of sportswear companies provide online consultations and helpful hints and tips on what to look out for to better help you find your perfect fit for the right sports.

One example would be an up and coming sportswear company that goes by the name of Unizep taking pride on itself for portraying sportswear as not only for practical use but as a platform where fashion statements are made. All apparel sold on its website are accompanied by comprehensive details in regards to their sizes, fabric makeup and relevant details. Their website also comes with a handy size guide that is informative and easy to understand for beginners. Their website can be accessed via the link below.